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"I like being part of something that’s bigger than me, than I. It’s good for your soul to invest in something you can’t control." — Fever Pitch

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Have I ever mentioned that I love the Boston Bruins?  I have?
Well, let me clarify.  
I love the Boston Bruins.  
Though I’m a bit bummed that the season is over, (and I admit that I wasn’t quite prepared for them to not beat the Capitals) I’m not heart broken.  
Those boys could never break my heart.
That team could never let me down.
Did I want a big run at the cup and a repeat?  Hell yeah I did.
Do I hope we kick ass and take names next year?  Hell yeah I do.
But am I let down by my Boston Bruins?  
No way.  Not even a little.
Let me tell you why.
We’ve got dibs on 7% of the Stanley Cup, that’s 2.415 lbs of Stanley Cup “Silver”.  We’ve got names on the Authenticated Cup AND the Original and there are only 8 teams with names on the Original.  
Only 5 of those teams have won again and made it to the Authenticated Cup that we use now.
Sort of proud yet?  How about this.  
40% of the teams in the NHL have NEVER won a Stanley Cup.  That’s almost HALF.  
PS:  MY Bruins aren’t one of them.
Still not enough?
MY Bruins have won MORE Stanley Cups than 15 OTHER teams.  PLUS the 12 that never have.  Which if you’re doing the math (which I totally am) is 27.  
THAT MEANS WE’VE WON MORE Stanley Cups than 90% of the teams in the NHL.
So no.  I’m not broken.  I’m proud.  
Proud of a team that has more heart, soul, and personality then anyone else in the league.  
Proud of a team that gets out there and kicks ass until the time is up.  Healthy or with broken fingers and noses.  Home or Away.  Regulation or OT.  
Proud of a team that gives BACK.  To its fans and its city.
So how’s that saying go?  I’m Boston born and Boston bred and I’ll be a Bruins fan until I’m cold and dead.

I feel the need to post this again.  Go B’s!

penguins scored 7 goals last night, still owned by krejci the thug

THIS!  Stupid birds.

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Rajon Rondo during the Bruins game against the Maple Leafs at TD Garden Boston [13 May, 2013]